Castorama Hypermarket, Odincovo, 俄罗斯

  • 建筑类型:
  • 零售商业建筑
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Castorama has about 200 stores in France, Russia and Poland. 19 hypermarkets function in 15 regions of Russia and offer to the customers all the necessary items for home.

The average square of the shop is 11,000m² where the client can find over 30,000 units.

While constructing, such Peikko products as HPKM®, HPM® Bolted connections, and TERAJOINT® were used. This allowed the project to finish on time and on a very high level as Castorama follows European standards.


ООО «Касторама РУC»


Андрей Ткачев

Андрей Ткачев

电话 +7 812 329 07 04
手机+7 921 421 22 71