Bridge with lookout tower, 德国

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  • 基础建设
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Indulge in an awe-inspiring panoramic view from the magnificent lookout tower perched atop a captivating bridge, offering a breathtaking vista that stretches across the Rodach river to the historic town of Redwitz.

This pedestrian bridge stands as a testament to the exceptional engineering prowess of the BESISTA® tension rod system 540, which not only provides stability but also enhances flood prevention measures, safeguarding the surrounding environment.

This remarkable example exemplifies BESISTA®'s unwavering dedication to sustainability: even the rod threads of their tension rod systems undergo a hot-dip galvanization process, ensuring their longevity and lasting impact. In addition, the inclusion of meticulously designed cover sleeves adds a touch of aesthetic elegance to the overall appearance of the BESISTA® tension rod system.

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Water authority of DE-Bamberg
Neuner+Graf, DE-München



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