Hilton Garden Inn, Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester, 英国

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  • 酒店
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The new Hilton Garden Inn hotel was a significant new addition to the Old Trafford cricket ground in Manchester. 

The 7 storey hotel has 150 bedrooms and was to be built using a DfMA approach (Design for Manufacture and Assembly).

As part of this the design team need to develop a solution for the transfer deck at level 1. As well as having to distribute significant loadings there we headroom restrictions to meet as well.

DELTABEAM® were chosen as part of the L1 solution and supported 250mm deep hollowcore planks with a 100mm deep structural topping. As each DELTABEAM® is designed and manufactured individually all the beams on this project were optimised to take the require loads but still within the restrictive floor plate depth.

This ensures the maximum efficiency in the use of materials in the beams. DELTABEAM® integrated readily into the DfMA approach to realise the reduced frame construction times but also helps allow safe and easy access for site personal.

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