Roan Wind Park, Brandsfjord, 挪威

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Peikko has delivered Rock Foundations to Roan Wind Park project, located in the Fosen region in Trøndelag county, central part of Norway. Roan Wind Park is a part of Fosen Vind 1057 MW wind power project, the largest onshore wind farm project in the country.

The deliveries comprised of FATBAR® Rock Anchors, tower adapter plates with connection bolts, drilling templates with an assembling system and special reinforcement steel technology. Peikko is also responsible for the foundation design and structural calculations.

Wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas; delivered 71 pcs of V117 wind turbines, rated at 3.6 MW each. The turbines' hub height is 87 meters. The total installed capacity constitutes 255.6 MW of power and estimated to produce 900GWh of energy annually. The construction of the Roan Wind Park started in 2016 and has been operational since 2018.

The developer and owner of Roan wind park is Fosen Vind DA, a joint venture between the Norwegian TrønderEnergi and Statkraft, and Nordic Wind Power DA, formed by an European investor consortium of Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners and Swiss BKW AG.  Fosen Vind is Europe's largest land-based wind power project, consisting of six wind farms with a combined capacity of 1057 MW.

The heavy machinery contractor Johs J. Syltern was the prime contractor for civil work and infrastructure, consisting of establishing internal roads, hardstands, and preparation of the turbine spots. The sub-contractor Stjern Entreprenør, performed the technical assembly of steel components and foundation casting work. Peikko Group’s Norwegian subsidiary Peikko Norge AS arranged the delivery of rock foundation technology.

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We decided to use Peikko as our foundation supplier because their solution is effective and well thought providing savings in terms of reduced workload and time consumption. We also see that Peikko’s foundation solution simplifies future maintenance. There will be more space for a large clamping tool to access for tensioning control, or for potentially replacing a long rock anchor after turbine installation.

Svein Ole Daltveit, responsible for cost calculations at Johs. J. Syltern


Fosen Vind DA
Johs J Syltern AS
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