Vilnius University Library, Science Communication And Information Center, Vilnius, 立陶宛

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The architecture of Vilnius University Library organically unites both modern solutions and traditional values. The focus is on human and architecture relationships with nature. The design of the building was aimed to have an open and easily transformable space for study, science, work and communication. Peikko's fastening items and punching reinforcement solutions enabled a fast and reliable construction.

Vilnius University Library, Science Communication And Information Center is a complex of three buildings. The main building has five storeys and a library for social science students and a conference hall are located there. The second building, of four storeys, contains of the libraries of physical science and technologies. The administration center and café are located in the smallest building. Two underground floors are for technical premises and library storage with capability for 1,8 million books. The building complex offers working possibility for over 800 persons at the time; divided in nine reading rooms, IT laboratories, and group and individual work rooms. 

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Linas Lelešius

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